The box contains two 250 ml bottles of “Le Terre di Vito” and “Le case di Lavinia”, and two small tasting bowls inspired by the rose window of the Gothic church of Sant’Andrea, in Buccheri.

A jewel of Gothic art stands among the green valleys of Buccheri: the rural Church of Sant’Andrea, commissioned by Federico II of Svevia, built by the Frati Cistercensi and a place of worship for the Cavalieri Templari.
A small rose window filters the sunset light, illuminating the pointed arches of the vault, up to the apse where religious frescoes once dominated.
The solitary beauty of the small church is amplified by the imposing centuries-old olive groves that protect it.
Le Terre di Vito, our father, belong to this place. In front of this church stand Le Case di Lavinia, our mother. From these timeless olive groves come our precious oils. We invite you to taste them, with a piece of bread, right from our small bowl Roses, inspired by the rose window of the Church of Sant’Andrea, handcrafted in Limoges porcelain, by Master Nello Valentino and his staff of Bhumi, exclusively for Vernèra.

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Le Case di Lavinia


bio dop

Le Case di Lavinia Bio-Dop is our precious organic extra virgin olive oil, made by 100% Tonda Iblea Cultivar. It comes from the highest Monti Iblei’s olive groves and it presents a perfect balance between bitter and spicy, between tomato and artichoke, between weather and ground. Our father was very proud of it and he wanted to dedicate this unique oil to his wife Lavinia.

Vico Rosella N.1

IGP SICILIA / Limited Edition


Bottle awarded the Miglior Messaggio at the Le Forme dell'Olio Competition at OOF Milan.

Vico Rosella n. 1 is…Home. It is not just an address to us, but it means tradition and family. This is why we gave this name to our first, olive oil: our blend of Monti Iblei’s native cultivars. It is a mixture of typical varieties, like our grandparents used to do.
It is a Vernèra project, handcrafted by Cerruto Ceramica in Modica, awarded as The Best Message: Make Oil not War, Peace & Oil!

Le Terre di Vito



Le Terre di Vito is our first Organic extra virgin olive oil. We started producing it thinking about those people who want high quality organic products on their tables. But, first of all, it is dedicated to our father, to his great love for his olive trees and to his deep passion for his lands. So, from his lands, here is Le Terre di Vito, his organic olive oil.

Vico Rosella N.1


Vico Rosella n. 1 is…Home. It is not just an address to us, but it means tradition and family. This is why we gave this name to our first, conventional, olive oil: our blend of Monti Iblei’s native cultivars. It is a mixture of typical varieties, like our grandparents used to do.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a liquid, vegetal and natural fat. It has 9 calories per gram. It doesn’t contain any cholesterol and it is mainly formed by monounsaturated oleic acid and by a perfect amount of polyunsaturated linoleic and linolenic acids. Nutritional Science recognizes to extra virgin olive oil the most balanced composition between fatty acids and suggests it as the most suitable fat for nutrition and dietary purposes. It is perfect for children’s diet because it makes the obsorption of substances essential for growth easier, since its components are, in part, similar to those of breast milk.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in natural antioxidants and vitamins which help to prevent cellular aging. It preserves food and gives them fragrance and flavour. It is suggested both in cooking and frying since it resists to high temperatures and, while heated, it suffers less alterations, compared to other vegetal oils.

Tonda Iblea

Tonda Iblea is the typical olive variery of the Monti Iblei, particularly present in Buccheri. It is a typical ecotype with some unique characteristics specific of the Iblei Mountains. The fruit, with its spherical shape, doesn’t reach, in its maturity, the characteristical black colour but it remains on a violaceous tonality. It reaches a diameter of about 3,5 cm and a weight of about 12 grams. Extra virgin olive oil coming from Tonda Iblea olives mainly belongs to an “Intense Fruity” category with a predominance of the spicy notes on the bitter ones. The typical organoleptic characteristics of this variety is a hint of green tomato, artichoke and green grass, above all in the olive oil coming from the higest areas of the Iblei Mountains (Buccheri). Its colour is deep green with slight shades of yellow, and, despite the prevalence of its spicy notes, it presents a perfect harmony and a pleasant balance.

Nutraceutical proprierties

International scientific studies have long shown that high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, brain and mental deterioration; that it helps control blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood; and that it acts as a liver protector. Its anti-cancer, diabetes-preventing and immune-strengthening properties are increasingly being reported. It is also useful for improving hair health and skin elasticity. The American FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) has proposed writing on labels that the consumption of about 2 tablespoons of olive oil, equal to about 23 grams, raw and cold-processed, provides the body with about 17.5 grams of oleic acid, as well as a good dose of vitamin E and polyphenols. In particular oleocanthal, tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol and oleacein. Without increasing the total calories consumed daily, the oil has an important preventive effect on health.