The box contains two 250 ml bottles of “Le Terre di Vito” and “Le case di Lavinia”, and two small tasting bowls inspired by the rose window of the Gothic church of Sant’Andrea, in Buccheri.

250 ml x2

A jewel of Gothic art stands among the green valleys of Buccheri: the rural Church of Sant’Andrea, commissioned by Federico II of Svevia, built by the Frati Cistercensi and a place of worship for the Cavalieri Templari.
A small rose window filters the sunset light, illuminating the pointed arches of the vault, up to the apse where religious frescoes once dominated.
The solitary beauty of the small church is amplified by the imposing centuries-old olive groves that protect it.
Le Terre di Vito, our father, belong to this place. In front of this church stand Le Case di Lavinia, our mother. From these timeless olive groves come our precious oils. We invite you to taste them, with a piece of bread, right from our small bowl Roses, inspired by the rose window of the Church of Sant’Andrea, handcrafted in Limoges porcelain, by Master Nello Valentino and his staff of Bhumi, exclusively for Vernèra.

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